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Breve currículum Needless to say, online games have been becoming more popular than ever with a massive type in gameplay such as shooting style, arcade or action game. Puzzle game is one of the exciting games that make players actually have to consider every move or thought when they play. Thus, it is quite addictive for users those who are dying of winning when they can pass over every challenge. Those amazing free online games below will be right up your street. Let take a look now.

Online games are fun as other kinds of entertainments.
The first game in this post is called Heart Box, one of a stunning puzzle game from Konstantin Radchenko. Since the first day it was released in February 2018, this game still holds its popularity to a number of players from all over the world. Heart box is a kind of interesting physics game which got the inspirations from the hitbox Cut the Rope. In this game, you have to destroy objects, then using those physics to move other black boxes to a red container, at the end of each level. What is really interesting in this game is that when watching all the objects collide from one to another, it make users satisfied until the end of each level.

Make a sound decision to complete each level.
Every level has a different challenge which contains many objects to navigate. Moreover, it also has a few optional challenges you can compete too. The more you play, the more difficult of this game you will find. Try and good luck.
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The next game is called Hex Block Puzzle, released in January 2017 by Sun Temple. This game is also another logic game which might challenge players’ wits a lot. It is a quite fun puzzle game ever, you have to move every hexagonal piece to the right position on a big random grid. Each level will have different blocks for you to place, but the complexity of this game will be increasing a lot when you are in up-levels. Thus, try to use your brain effectively and make a quick decision.

Some up-higher levels of this game are quite complicated for players.
For some beginners, they can start off with some easy blocks in a very small grid. When you pass over the level 1 and two or three, the size of the box will increase, now the real challenge is actually starting. But don’t give up too soon. Try to do your best to score your name into the leaderboard one day.
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