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Breve currículum Snake games are perhaps the oldest mobile games adopted by Nokia and almost all other mobile phone companies all around the world. So, calling these games an arcade classic games is not at all wrong. You can dig your sharp teeth into these online games pc at Manti Games. These snake games guarantee you the best entertaining moments of the day. You can play all the fun snake games online completely free.
1. Little Big Snake

One of the most evergreen games
This game is one of the most evergreen games that you can play without getting bored. The little snakes are very hungry and the size keeps growing as they eat more. They are always hungry and never get full. The snake eats nectar which is its source of energy and growth.
The gameplay is pretty catchy and simple; you have to collect nectar and avoid the other snakes in an arena. If you collide with bigger snakes, then you will die. You can control your snake with the mouse and point your snake in the direction you want it to go. This game keeps you occupied and thrilled.
2. Angry Snakes
Snakes can have serious anger issues. Save your snake from the other angry snakes to stay alive. You will need to avoid another reptile’s simultaneously gobbling up tons of power pellets. The length of your snake will keep increasing as you consume more pellets. Avoid the collision with big angry snakes else you die, and eat up pellets of small snakes when they die after colliding with you.
It is a challenging game; it can take you some time to get the handling of your snakes turning. But where is the fun without a little challenge? Be ready to face some angry snakes.
3. Snake Classic

Control the snake with the mouse 
You cannot get over this classic game ever. It is an easy and very mind-refreshing game. The gameplay is trouble-free. You have to collect the food without hitting the walls or your own tail. You can control the snake with the mouse and it is very easy and full of fun. For the love of classic snake game, it is a must play online game.
4. is a high-end quality snake game with captivating graphics for you. You are going to enjoy it for sure. With a smooth mouse, you can control your ever-growing snake with ease. Grow bigger by collecting the nectar food and kill the other slithers by blocking their way. Once you kill them you can have all of their nectar food and grow bigger than before. It becomes difficult to manage as length grows. Play strategically to last longer and get more points.
5. MLG

Killing all the other snakes in the arena MLG is going to blow your mind with the finest quality graphics and add-on effects. You need to collect as many candies from the arena without hitting other snakes of the arena. As the length of your snake grows trap the small snakes in your snake circle to finish them. Once you kill the other snake collect their leftover candies and make your snake bigger. It is among the top rated multiplayer online games free and you will be playing against the best players all around the world. Prove your ground by killing all the other snakes in the arena.
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6. Snake and Blocks
Help this snake who is trying to get through the tunnel full of blocks. In order to break the blocks to get through them, your snake will have to eat a lot of power-ups. It is a challenging snake game that needs a little math to calculate the power-ups your snake have and how much power is needed to break the block. You need the break the block with precision and timing. The game is very intriguing and keeps you excited throughout the game. You can control your snake simply by sliding left and right.
7. Soccer Snakes
Soccer Snakes is on a different level. It will give wings to your imagination. You can play the game with CPU or with your friends on the same keyboard. The gameplay is really interesting; it is one on one snake fight. You will have to save your goal using the length of snake simultaneously try to hit the ball in another goal. Snakes can play great soccer if you can control them. The game is so much fun especially when you play it with your friend. The game has three different modes that are time trial, first three-goal and time attack. All in all, the game is full of fun and amusement.
8. Snake Ball

Keep on getting more intense and challenging
Snake Ball is an insane game which needs you to be creative and timely. The gameplay demands you to collect the green and red balls coming in towards you and skilfully you collect them and drop them in the hole in between of arena. The game has 23 different levels having a new mission every time. As the level of the game increases the game keeps on getting more intense and challenging. This game is interesting beyond your imagination and it will make your heart skip a beat. Collect as many as balls as you can in less than a minute.
9. Dynamite Snake
This game will make your laziness go away. The dynamite snake needs you to be very fast and agile. This game won’t give you enough time to think and you will have to react according to your intuition. The gameplay is very dynamic; you need to get your snake on the other side of an arena quickly before the dynamite burst catches up with you. If the dynamite explosion reaches you before you get hold of the other side you will die. The game is thrilling and it has many interesting levels to keep you engaged in its entertaining world.
10. Snake 3D

A real snake walks through the grass terrain.
What differentiates this snake game from others is its real-life 3D effect. The 3D effect of the game has brought the game to life and graphics are filled with amazing detailing. You will feel like a real snake walking through the grass terrain. Gameplay is basic to collect more of food to gain more length for your snake and kill the small snakes by trapping them to collide with your longer snake. The game promises a new view of how you see the game and make its experience livelier. 
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