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Canadian Defend is a family members enterprise born from the expanding will need in our location. Even though the outcomes of Radon happen to be recognized For many years, more a lot more in-depth experiments have proven the hurt for being even larger than once thought, mainly because of the accumulation of Radon within just households and companies. Sad to say, small children are at the greatest hazard of Radon exposure, as their producing bodies tend to be more susceptible. Although the 2nd main explanation for lung cancer in Canada, Radon continues to go under the radar for the majority of households. Nonetheless, simply by tests for Radon, Canadian Shield is able to detect any elevated levels of Radon present in almost any house or enterprise. Glen and Eric Feuer Have a very blended 50 many years of experience from the trades (electrical and carpentry). Also they are Qualified through the C-NRPP, to help you rest assured you have employed a Accredited RADON PROFESSIONAL.

Radon Testing Winnipeg