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Grill Cooking Grilling is often a method of cooking where dry warmth is utilized on to the surface of food items. Grilled foods could possibly be cooked with a grill, which is an open wire grid having a heat resource above or under; a grill pan, comparable to a frying pan; or griddle, a flat plate heated from under. When utilizing a grill the heat is transferred by way of thermal radiation, whilst warmth transfer when employing a grill pan or griddle is by direct conduction. In immediate heat grilling, foods is exposed to a temperature of in excess of 250 levels Celsius. When meat is grilled at that temperature for some time it acquires a distinctive aroma from a process known as the Maillard response. Electric powered grills are Amongst the most productive on the good deal. They supply warmth with the help of heating factors put beneath the cooking area or throughout the surface area spot. They come in many different kinds, and may be used both indoors and outdoor. The

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