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Commensal Rodents Rats and mice are mainly liable for consuming up or contaminating a meals provide. These types of rodents are called "commensal rodents" mainly because they Dwell with or in shut Affiliation to humans. The commonest commensal rodents are your home mouse, the Norway rat and also the roof rat. These rodents spoil our foods by contaminating it with feces, hair and dander. These pests are present in residences, supermarkets, and dining places in the course of The usa Besides warehouses and food stuff processing services. The prevention and Charge of the commensal rodent populace is a significant worry in several states in which these pests can easily thrive. Rodent Pest Command Selections Rodent pest Handle is often managed in many means, according to your where you live, your want to be inexperienced and also your price range. The following presents advantages and drawbacks for many pest Management choices. Mechanical traps. These traps will be the fastest and most

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