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On Monday, October 30 , 2017, Nigeria's Federal Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi stunned his audience at an event to mark World Maritime Day, as he unveiled an extensive deal at an estimated value of $195 million dollars with an Israeli company, in which he did not name (later it was revealed that the company's name is HSLI Systems and Technology Ltd.). Amaechi revealed that as a result of the deal, the unnamed company will gain complete control over Nigeria's waterways for a period of three years. Meanwhile, the Israeli company will provide training services to the Nigerian national security forces, and at the end of the three years contract, the Nigerians will regain full control of the waterways from the unnamed company. The agreement also consists of a supply of three helicopters, three aircraft, three big battle-ready ships, 12 vessels, and 20 amphibious cars to secure Nigerian waters.