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Being a hotel owner is fun, and the work hardly seems to be the ‘work’ you would expect in regular desk-jobs. The sheer amount of tourists with their happy faces makes you forget all your worries, and blend with their adventurous and happy-to-go attitude. My hotel is spread in a large area, with lavish lawns and elegant swimming pools. But it comes with it’s own set of challenges. One of the most important things that always need proper monitoring is the cleanliness and neat ambience of the hotel, and believe me when I say this, but ensuring that such a large place stays clean is no ordinary task. Apart from the regular office and production areas which have carpets on their floors, there are multiple bathrooms, large hallways and a huge outdoor area which all need to be kept in their best shape all the time. I had to supervise the cleaning staff all the time so as to ensure that they worked exactly as I wished. But it was very time taking, and other areas of management were being neglected by this. But my concerns turned into satisfaction once I contacted S.E. Commercial services, a commercial and industrial cleaning service solutions provider in Glasgow. They offer cleaning services for all types of premises on a daily, periodical and on-off contract basis. They were happy to discuss my specific needs, and provided a tailored cleaning plan which safely met my estimated budget. They were not just any cleaning service provider. The staff they provided were well trained and very friendly. They were very honest and diligent with their work, and I got the same detailed level of work even when I didn’t supervise them. Their cleaning was regularly maintained by follow-ups and inspections, which further increased my satisfaction levels. Highly recommended to anyone looking out amazing cleaning services which meets with their budget.

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