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I am a pioneer in a particular section of Women’s Wear Fashion Designing. My brands are highly reputed and recommended in the high social circles of the Western European Market. Though Paris and all of France are of course my favourite, I am equally fond of the Fashion Markets in the Netherlands and Belgium. Recently, I was approached by an affluent Financial Group from Munich, Germany because they wanted to invest in my Fashion Brands. They visualize an excellent investment opportunity in the future financial success of my Fashion Brands and Accessories. But we needed an new Project to make their investment worthwhile. My partner, Frank, came up with the strategy to create a new Investment for Brand Expansion into the Middle East region. The Middle East market is an exciting new market for the Fashion and Clothing Industry. Though I have operated in the Middle East market previously, it was in the Travel and Tourism Industry. So when we discussed the project of Market Expansion into the Middle East market, I was at once thrilled and bit anxious. Since the growth of the Middle East Economy in the last few decades, the Fashion and Clothing Industry has matured particularly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Fashion Designers from the Middle East have discovered their unique Brand Value and Appeal. With the advent of reputed Fashion Brands, the Fashion Industry has matured in the areas of Finance and Technology. I sought the help of my old acquaintance, James Swallow. James Swallow now works as the Commercial Director of PRO Partner Group and assists New Businesses with their Entry into the Middle East Market. Frank and I soon realized the expertise of James Swallow and his team, in the area of Market Expansion into the Middle East. We quickly developed a working relationship of trust and our collaboration was hugely successful. James Swallow collaborated with us on all the steps of the Market Entry Procedure and after the last six months of work; today we have successfully launched our Business Entity and Fashion Brand in Abu Dhabi. So if you are looking for expanding your Business into the Middle East, please connect with James Swallow.

James Swallow