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A lot of people argue that online privacy slows down marketing, hence worsens economy. Basic principle here is this - if no-one can get your information from public sources, you would not be a target of somebody in need. By need here we mean companies that are looking for a potential customer, client, co-worker and etc. Let’s bring some examples to the table. Imagine yourself buying and moving to a new house. There is a chance that you will need some of the furniture, home equity line of credit, new kitchen knife set, video surveillance system or something else. Now, you might not need it all and at once, but wouldn’t it be nice to have some specials knocking to your door for all these features when you need them most. How about 20% off the new sink or free nanny camera for buying outside surveillance camera set? What will happen if you delete personal information? You won’t get promos and coupons. So if you want to remove personal information from web you won’t lose much… This is the biggest trade-off you have if you decide to remove your name from all the online data broker websites. Now it might be worth it, might be not, the choice is always yours. Another question is how to remove your name from the internet, but that’s completely another story, which might not worth the deal.