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What are the differences between business management project topics and business administration project topics? Business is a very rewarding cycle of the global economy thus has become very attractive field in the educational system. A lot more wants to study business but the fact still remains that there are more areas of business to explore. Two of the seeming similar areas are business administration and business management. That explains why many can’t still decipher the difference between business administration project topic and business management project topic. Business management and business administration are two different undergraduate courses that offer two different undergraduate degrees. This also means that there are clear differences between research topics in business administration and that of business management. Before we dwell further on this, let’s explore the scope of business administration and business management. What aspect of business studies does business administration cover? Business administration is an aspect of business studies that covers a wide range of business operations. It covers courses of various business situations; some of which could be studied as stand-alone courses. Some of those courses include banking and finance, business management, accounting, marketing, insurance etc. Studying business administration as a student yields you some advantage of becoming knowledgeable about some if not all of the various aspects of business as well as the dynamics of business operations. Students are exposed to practical experiences including case studies, presentations, interaction and industrials attachments. While this may be the case in polytechnics, some universities adopt business administration as a faculty while these other courses are departments under the business administration faculty. Each of them takes four years interval to earn a degree. Here are some of the fundamental objectives of business administration Like earlier explained, business administration as a course of study is very broad compared to business management. The variation begins from the objectives which include: • To develop strategic plans using marketing information • To teach students to learn and apply critical thinking concepts • To help students understand the role of information communication technologies in supporting business operations • To teach students to solve organizational problems using human resources management principles. • To teach students how to use data to gather business intelligence and further use it to make strategic business decisions. • To help students development and apply financial management principles. A critical look at the above listed shows indicates that the objective covers various areas in part including marketing, banking and finance, accounting, business management. What aspect of business does business management cover? Business management is more focused and specific in its scope. Students who study business managements enjoy the advantage of specialization and the privilege to explore deeper into management than their counterparts who only study management in part. In essence, business management is an aspect of business that equips students with business management roles. This means that, graduates from this area of study can manage any kind of business from other fields of human endeavor. Business management educates students in such areas as staffing, planning, directing, organizing and human resource management. • Staffing: This covers the areas of employment and dismissal of employees. • Planning: This area of business management teaches students how to prepare for management activities including presentations, events planning, conferences etc. • Directing: This teaches management students when and how to assign responsibilities to employees based on their capabilities and skills. • Organizing: This deals with the process of getting several stakeholders in place for the smooth success of the business, event etc. • Human resource management: This area teaches students core employee management principles. This includes employee welfare, their motivation, payments, arrears, salaries and allowances loans etc. The objectives of business management includes the following • To utilize human and materials resources to accomplish cooperate goals and objectives. • To inspire the efficient use of the factors of production in line with cooperate objectives. • To grow business using strategic management principles • To impress discipline among employees • To improve on the morale and entire work condition of employees. So, what are the differences between business administration project topics and business management project topics? The information communication technology perspective: As one of its objectives, business administration aims to teach students how to deploy information communication technologies to run business operations. While on the other hand, business management makes use of human and material resources to accomplish business objectives, many which may be within or outsides the business field of study. This simply means that in choosing project topics in either side, student of business administration may have to choose their final year project topics as it affects information communication technology. While business management students may have to choose their research topics from the human resource and management point of view. Scope of research: Another significant difference between business administration research topic and business management research topic is the scope or area of research. While business management research covers areas concerning business survival, business growth, employment, motivation, survival strategies etc, business administration research topics focuses on a broader perspective of business including creating awareness, financial management, risk management etc. Career focus: Like highlighted earlier, business management can sway beyond the business arena to other fields of human endeavor whereas. This also applies while choosing project topics for it. This means that students of business management can choose project topics in such areas as hospital management, school management, agricultural management, communication management, information management. Infact, in computer science, there is a system called information management system. This system is basically built by programmers to manage the reception and efficient circulation of information in organizations. Now that may sound more like a computer science project topic but not entirely. This is because it is just a modification of the manual information distribution function of business managers. In summary, the difference between business administration project topics and business management project topic lies in their scope and focus. While the former is broad, interdisciplinary, covers other stand-alone courses and includes business management, the latter is specific, focused and specialized in everything concerning the management of business. Moreso, while business management project topics can extend freely to other fields of study, business administration project topic is limited to topic related to business operation due to lack of specialization and multi-tasking tendencies.