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EASi Lights the Future EASi LED Lighting is UAE's leading company to supply LED lighting products like LED downlights, LED garden lights, LED pool lights, LED rope lights, LED spotlights, LED controllers, LED dimmers, LED pendant lights, LED track lights, LED light sensors, power supply appendages, all over United Arab Emirate UAE, GCC, and MENA Region. LED lights are elevating as the most practical option when compared to the radiant, halogen lamps and fluorescents for Home, Business and Industrial. LED Lights consumes 90% less power than a conventional lamp, LED lights to last considerably longer than their older counterparts. No filament, no infrared or UV emissions nor do they emit heat. LED lights are Environmentally friendly and Energy efficient solutions for the domestic, commercial and industrial application. LED lights are eco-friendly lightings and consequently recyclable. LED lights technology represents the future of lighting – light emitting diode technology offers far superior benefits when compared to old-style conventional lighting.