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Photocopiers and printers are required by every business in the UK. We provide companies across the country with devices chosen to give them the maximum amount of benefits out of their printing machines as possible. As well as hardware, we have experts who utilise smart software to help speed up complex processes into simple, quick tasks which are started and finished at the press of a button, saving them hours of work and enabling them to concentrate on value based activities. We also provide service, maintenance and repairs to photocopiers, printers and shredders, regardless of make or model. Leasing a photocopier is the best choice for established businesses who need a fast, robust and reliable device chosen by a print expert especially for them. Print Logic, print management and digital workflow leaders in the North West and Birmingham, are the leading independent supplier of photocopiers and photocopier leasing. We provide our customers with the best devices, and work closely with them to make sure that the maximise their office’s productivity and efficiency. Leasing a photocopier is a good choice for any business, as it allows them to get a state of the art device at a cost which suits them. As well as several tax benefits, leasing allows companies to spread the cost of their new device over a period of time, which reduces monthly spending. Print Logic are the largest independent supplier of photocopiers available to buy, lease or rent in the North West and Birmingham. We have the largest selection of photocopiers to choose from, and our dedicated print experts are ready to help offer friendly advice on the best one to choose.