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For your convenience, Mobile Notary Services in DC and Maryland are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Pricing varies per transaction depending on time and location. The easiest way to schedule an appointment or get a free quote is by texting or calling (202) 826-8179. You can also schedule online at www.dmvnotarymobile. Have you been searching online for “notary services near you”? Do you need a document notarized on the go and can’t make it into one of your local offices? DMV Notary Mobile offers mobile notary services to help suit your needs. There are a wide variety of legal documents that need notarized, from escrow accounts, power of attorney, advanced healthcare directive, deeds, selling a house and affidavits to contracts opening a new business, and having a notary able to come to you makes getting documents verified that much easier. Mobile notary services are fast, easy, and convenient, while still giving you the quality, professional results you require.