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The Importance of Garage Door Inspection and Maintenance Keep Your Garage Door in Top Condition A garage door is an important asset to every home. Not only does it render the convenience of entering your home by just pushing a button, but it enhances the curb appeal of your house. We use it every day to quickly exit or access our home. It protects our garage from the elements and creates a secure space for our vehicles and personal belongings. Home Security Many people store valuable things inside the garage, like expensive adventure equipment, bicycles, and other personal items. A garage door with a faulty security system is an open door to intruders. Regular inspections can prevent failure in your garage door security system. Curb appeal A nice quality garage door can raise the value of your home. It increases the visual aspects and matching doors can add more value when selling your home. Keeping your garage doors working properly Normal wear and tear can silently damage your garage door parts without you even noticing it. During an inspection, professionals can check for any internal or external damage that could later lead to a more significant decline. A garage door professionals can make sure that your door is in optimal condition, adding to your home’s aesthetic and property value. So get your garage doors maintenance on schedule Annual door maintenance should include the tightening of all nuts and bolts, lubrication of all pulleys and cables and the in door rollers. It should also include adjustments to your springs and your opener. If your chain driven, it too needs adjustment for best tension. Testing and resetting the limit switches as to not over open the door or allow the door to slam down on the floor. (this can result in damage to the bottom edge of your door). Just maintaining your garage doors will add life to the doors and your garage door opener plus save you hundreds on repairs and replacement.