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The Indian Armed Forces The Indian Armed Forces came in to existence before 1947 when India was British colony . The British came to India as merchant and gradually established its rule over India . India continued as British colony for almost two centuries . The prolonged freedom struggle movement against the British rule eventually forced the British to exit from India after the end second world war . The Indian Armed Forces came in existence during the British era. The Indian Armed Forces consist of  Indian Army.  Indian Air Force  Indian Navy. The Indian Armed Forces before independence were part of British Forces and fought the Second World War along with British Forces . The Indian freedom struggle was intensified by Indian freedom struggle leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi , Subhash Chandra Bose , Lokmanya Tilak , Vir Savarkar and other important leaders . Indian National Army was also started by Mr Bose in year 1942 . Large number of Indian soldiers had joined the Indian National Army . The British army had already suffered major losses during the second world was and Britain was not geared to fight another armed conflict on Indian soil. And for this reason , Britain decided to exit from India and the British rule of almost two centuries came to an end . India achieved its independence on 15th August 1947 which is celebrated as “Independence Day” . At the end of British rule , the British divided India and the Muslim majority area was allowed to become independent country and created Pakistan . After independence , India had to engage number of wars with Pakistan . Pakistan wanted to forcibly capture Kashmir from India . The Indian Armed forces were called in to action and defeated Pakistan in all the wars started by Pakistan over Kashmir. The Indian Armed Forces has established excellent credentials to defend India against external aggressions.

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