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10 Hardcore Challenges of Running A Digital Marketing Agency in India There is a number of obstacles people face while running a digital marketing agency in India. Currently, digital marketing business is at an immersion point, because there is such a great amount of vulnerability in the environment and the manner in which things are delivered and meeting expectations. With huge competition, business is getting extremely intense and it isn't so easy to manage the requirements of the clients. However this doesn’t mean all the digital companies in India are having a tough time, there are agencies that are doing business extremely well and raise the organizations with around 100 crores turn over. These agencies are on the more joyful side when contrasted with agencies that are playing small and catering to the requirements of the smaller organizations. While getting new clients is essential, it's much increasingly critical to retain existing customers successfully. Poorly managed connections can prompt customer disappointment regardless of whether you deliver high-quality customer service, and the absolute most expensive thing for some, offices are seeing the loss of client relationship. Maybe the most imperative part of the customer relationship is set up the right expectations. There is several numbers of digital marketing service "specialists" who assure to rank a site on page one in just a few weeks. Prepared experts realize it requires investment to deliver results in a competitive market. Setting the right desires and overseeing them proactively is a primary key to having a good customer relationship. Social media marketing India strategy and Instagram Nametags There is numerous area where a brand or a person can utilize a nametag to boost or improve their social media marketing India strategy. Below are the various strategies followed by the social media marketing company in Delhi to attract more customers by using the Instagram Name tool. • A brand can use it on their story or feed. This can be utilized on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and some other social media platform. • Networking parties, events or circumstances are incredible chances to use your Instagram Nametag. These events can be noisy, loud and are generally short. Rather than attempting to hear a username to follow the profile of your new friend, you can check each other's Nametags. • Corporate events and conferences are ideal for making associations in your industry, with friends, and additionally with potential clients. Make it simple for them to take the conversation past your stall by making signage with your Instagram Nametag that can be scanned. • Keep in mind you can utilize conference agendas, flyers, and any takeaway materials to boost your social media channels. • Utilizing it on running gear for a long distance race or charity fundraising campaigns or printing it on a publication or business card at a pop-up occasion are great ideas for substantial scale exposure. Since it's a visual component, it will naturally emerge and attract the attention of other people. Those are then keen on discovering more about the event or brand would then be able to scan the nametag utilizing their Instagram application to see the brand's Instagram account. • Just imagine the number of emails you send every day. Email signatures are an incredible place to feature any upcoming activities, so attempting Instagram Nametag with your email is a great way of attracting new customers. You can likewise send a dedicated email with your Instagram Nametag to your list to motivate them to follow you on the social media account. Showing the nametag in one's email signature, on the organization site, or organization memorabilia also help in grabbing visitor’s attention. 7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is a very practical marketing strategy. Marketing is a crucial strategy for each and every business whose aims is to increase the product sales. Due to millions of searches done for online shopping SEO has become the most effective markestng strategy and seo agencies in india have started gaining outmost importance. Most buyers shop online which has made SEO the most effective marketing strategy for any business. It is a simple process of getting free, natural and relevant traffic to your website. This process brings qualified leads and customer to our business. In 2016, SEO needed to be part of a comprehensive digital marketing plan and accordingly few unethical steps were taken by seo company’s in India. In recent years, Google has cracked down on some of the negative practices that were used to manipulate the rankings, and many SEO practitioners dwelling in the ‘black-hat’ area of the game felt the punch thoroughly. With the passage of time SEO popularity is increasing day by day. As per the recent disusson that SEO is no longer as relevant and the approach is somewhat dated. However, this truly is not the case – there are clear benefits to ensuring that your website has an up to date and functioning SEO in operation.