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Our health should be the paramount thing in our lives. It is very crucial to take care of our health lest we live shorter and miserable lives. Just like the environment will treat you the way you manage it, so does your body. You give your body so much trash, it will mistreat you later on, but if you feed it with the right proportions of all the necessary and adequate foods, it will respond accordingly. The world today has seen so many advancements in the world of technology and as such has been impactful to the community at large. TellmeGen has been very helpful with the DNA testing kit. This kit is very personalized, and you may discover the medicines that are best suited for you and your possibilities of getting baldness, obesity and alcohol tolerance. This DNA testing kit has some very impactful features that you will want to try out such as the study of your traits, the tracing of your ancestry, determination of the inheritance of monogenic illnesses, pharmacological compatibility and preventive measures against the significant diseases;in fact 125 of them. TellmeGen has a procedure that you may follow to begin using the kit. You need to register your package online after making a purchase first. After that, the testing may begin. You should provide a saliva sample by spitting in the tube until it reaches the fill-to mark. Just like when you are doing a drug screening test, avoid drinking, eating or smoking for at least half an hour before testing. After that, return the sample to the lab. After you submit the kit, depending on the complexity of the results, you will get the results within 4-6 weeks. This test is spreading to the world day by day. This tech is updated every month without any extra charges, and so you are always receiving the most recent information to boost your health know-how. There is a dedicated team of geneticists and doctors who are still keen to provide the most current information.