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Managing and maintaining property can sometimes be difficult. There are property tax to pay, repairs to make and a mortgage. My house has so many amenities and a large lawn to maintain on a regular basis and this means more bills every month therefore im willing to sell my house as is for fast cash. My friend once told me about a real estate investment company calls My House Cashers and the buy houses as is at the best market value and it is a direct transaction as there aren’t any agents involved. If I need to sell my house fast here in Atlanta, im giving these real estate investors a call. There are a few steps that you need to follow to get your house sold. First of all, you need to provide some necessary information about the status of your property. Simply explain why you are selling the house fast; as in damaged or needing repairs. The next step is for my house cashers to go through your information and see whether it meets their criteria. After they approve, the company will contact you and set up a meeting for further discussions. The third step is viable after you have been able to sit down with the company and discussed further details. The company offers you a fair and written no obligation offer. After you have received the offer, you now wait for the company to process your request and grant you cash. This process takes as little as seven days. Sometimes you may even get a cheque on the very same day the company has made you the cash offer.