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Swiggy Clone is a software by MultiRestaurant Systems. It is a turnkey software suite to start a food marketplace(or any other type of marketplace) similar to swiggy. The suite consists of all the modules you would need as a multi-restaurant or multi vendor businees. The main modules of the system are:- Frontend Website - Your customer can browse and search usng geolocation and GPS or various other filters like areas, pricing, cuisine etc. User can add to cart and checkout using different payment options. During checkout user can also update their address by dragging and dropping pin on google map. The website is fully responsive and complete in itself. Customer Ordering iOs & Android Apps - The apps have the same features as the website Restaurant Order taking Apps - These are Android and iOS Apps for business owners to view and manage their orders directly form thier mobile phones. Delivery & Driver Management System - This is a complete geolocation based delivery management system. You can manage all tasks from here. Drivers also have their own android and ios apps to view/accept/manage tasks and can view all routes on maps. The entire system is multilingual and can be used in any part of the world. Apart from outright purchase of source code Swiggy clone is also offered on a unique BUILD OPERATE TRANSFER Rental model where you can start the business on rental/SAAS based model and down the line you can purchase this same system outright and move to your server.