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Is a small farmhouse in the hills of the tosco-romagnolo Apennines, near the Park of the Casentino Forests (between Forlì and Florence), surrounded by forests and fields planted with cereals, according to the organic method. The nature that surrounds our farm offers every evening a wonderful show, with the passage of the boar, the visit of birds and birds in particular. The farmhouse completely restarato, offers accommodation in ten spacious apartments immersed in the green of nature. In nature, 20 km from the centre of Genoa, is a reality eco-friendly with organic cooking genuine and ample opportunity to loosen up and fun: artistic courses, excursions, massages. With panoramic views of Lake Bolsena, the hotel offers accommodation in rooms and apartments treated, typical products and hospitality. To taste the best typical cuisine, you can also choose to spend your stay in one of the many masserie Ostuni at a rustic farmhouse , oriented to the preparation of dishes based on local products, among these prized meat, dairy products, but also and especially vegetables, the protagonists of the most delicious dishes, always accompanied by excellent wines. Agriturismo san Rocco, in the small (4 places), but the rooftop parking by the lake from Sarnico port of Lovere, the first of Riva di Solto on the left, then 50 metres on the right good restaurant (about 22€) and local products (such as sausages, salami and olive oil) extreme kindness and friendliness of the owner John From the Oven. It offers rooms with bathroom, area bbq, panoramic views, and bike for free. Ancient tuscan farmhouse in the tuscany hills, offers accommodation in rooms and apartments with a family atmosphere. Nestled between the hills of the Cilento, is an angle of unwind and nature where you can taste the traditional recipes rutinesi and mediterranean cuisine, made with typical products of the area. From the sea and from Paestum, the rooms with private terrace, are immersed in the green and independent. Farm family immersed in the countryside of Tuscia, in the Maremma etruscan, among the rich vegetation of macchia and woods and the sea, reachable also by bike. The local is definitely worth a visit for a number of reasons for the context, because we find ourselves in the vicinity of the pass of the Cerro where the road joins the two valleys and the terrace of the Farmhouse you will enjoy a great view we have also had the good fortune to find a day of particularly clear where the po valley and the Alps seemed just a few kilometres away. It offers accommodation in a five rooms and offers a refined cuisine. Offers aspitalità in rooms, apartments chalets. The old manor house of 1500 on the morenic hills, surrounded by the Parco del Mincio and eight Miles from Lake Garda, offers accommodation in apartments and rooms.