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The world today has brought with it very many advancements in technology making the world a better place. We may be quite familiar with VR that is a very immersive field which makes you experience the digital world in a way that feels so realistic. In this case, though the physical world is no longer existent but is shut down. 3D glasses are the best example of Virtual Reality. On the other hand, AR is the process whereby you can enjoy both the physical world and the digital world in one dimension. Here, you get to enjoy digital elements to a live view mostly achieved using a camera on a smartphone. There are categories of AR, and from Catchar we have games, lenses, and masks, entertainment and editors. In the entertainment sector, I bet no one of youwho hasn’t played a video game, watched one get played or even just heard of video games. We have several projects under this category beyond games. Pokémon Go is the best example of AR in the games category. You can Share and promote Augmented Reality lenses, apps, and projects to this platform. Snap AR is quite a thrill for many. This app lets you record a hologram of yourself then send it to your loved ones. It seems so real when the recipient views the message. From theory editor’s category, you are also invited to send your AR projects. There is Roar editor that helps you bring out the AR experience from your3D models. It will help you add text, images, action buttons, and videos in your project. You may access it from the link provided on their site. You may join their Beta Testing group that is available in Telegram and Facebook Messenger. That is a platform for you to also share your ideas after having a feel of these existing products.