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In high school and primary school, we were taught by our teachers about healthy diets and the beneficial foods in our body. A balanced meal is one that contains fruits, vegetables, proteins, and carbohydrates. This information is crucial but it is typically used for purposes of passing tests and exams for many students, and no one gets serious about it in their later life. I am always ready to learn, and as I was looking for the most beneficial nutrients in the body, I came across a piece on carnivore diet from Only Freedom Matters. Form the word carnivore itself; meat already comes into mind. Well, that is what the carnivore diet is precisely made up of; only animal products. The carnivore diet proponents advise that if you are on the carnivore diet, you should avoid any plant products. The New York strip contains 70% fat and 30% protein, but that is not a shocking thing to the carnivorous. It is good to know that not all diet calories are the same. Study participants seem to lose more body fat on a fat-restrained diet than a reduced-carb diet. In short, you will burn more fat by cutting calories from fat rather than from carbohydrates. Former Dr. Baker has been eating meat for a whole two years and advocates on eating meat as the healthiest diet for humans. It is, however, clear that cholesterol is high in animal products and high cholesterol is harmful to your heart. There is a direct proportionality to the LDL cholesterol and annual changes in the atherosclerotic plaques. HDL cholesterol, on the other hand, shows an inverse relationship with yearly changes in the plaque size. From the medical science point of view, which should be the basis of deciding on which meal to embark on, it should be well-known that cholesterol decreases about 1 point for each pound of body fat loss, that is quite regressive don't you think?