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The most important people in our countries are the armed forces. They usually sacrifice their lives just so that we may be safe. Some of the defense forces are deployed to other countries by the government to guard our country. We should always appreciate them highly and pray for them because without them there could be a lot of chaos from rival nations. There is nothing you cannot find on the internet nowadays. Businesses, government, and private institutions have a link to the online databases that store and manage their information. There are many military equipments that you may get from the Russo Militare. From their Soviet army surplus buy online, we have some top products such as the KZS Russian Soviet BDU Camo Suit with a Jacket and Pants, Russian White Sheepskin Ushanka with Suede Leather Top, Russian Spetsnaz Black T-Shirt and the Russian Military Army Standard Soldier Leather Boots among others. From their online catalog of products, we have categories such as the Gorka uniform suits, Soviet Patches, Russian military chest badges and Baseball caps. There are many Gorka uniform suits from which you may choose. The Jacket Gorka Anorak-2 Splav Mountain BDU goes for € 74.99, Gorka 3 Partizan Russian Spetsnaz Uniform Camo Suit Partisan goes for € 85.99 and the GORKA-3 Beryozka BDU Jacket Pants Russian Berezka Fleece Winter go for € 84.99. The Russian military chest badges are a very great accessory to the uniform suits and more so the military shirts. Among the badges that are available on Russo Militare is the Russian Uniform Award Airborne VDV shield and sword Chest Badge, the Russian Uniform Award Dragunov rifle Sniper Chest Badge and the Russian military Uniform Award Marines Chest Badge. You may contact them from their online chat popup feature which appears at the bottom right corner of their website.