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Silber Arlinda

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I run a small Café business in the suburbs of Austin, Texas. I love my work, and I am passionate about the Food Industry. My clients are college students and office employees. Cooking and Food are my passion, and I have worked for fifteen long years to develop my love into my profession. In my opinion, success at business and success at life work on the same rules and principles. Hard work, punctuality, and empathy in your relationships are critical parameters of success. Working hard and working smart; complement each other. I believe that through timeliness and good time management you show respect for the other person’s time. Customer satisfaction is a vital element of good Business Management. Customer Satisfaction involves many different factors like food quality, punctuality, respect for people, etc. I have seen many Cafes and Restaurants close shop because they were not able to manage Customer Satisfaction effectively. Recently, I started encountering a problem with my Customer Service. This problem started about two months back. A significant part of my target customers is busy people. They like to take their food and beverage from my Café, on the way their way to work. Timely order delivery is critical in my business. Some gaps started showing up in the time management of my Service Staff. We have delays in order deliveries and Customer complaints increased. I noticed that the main problem was in my Computer Software. There were some bugs in my Software that led to faults in the time management or orders. One of my customers recommended me to ‘Infinity Technology Consultants [IT. I called them, and they immediately sent an Engineer over to fix my issue. The Engineer resolved my problem on the same day. We tried our standard Protocol of a few test-runs for the Software over the next few weeks. All the test runs were excellent. Now there is no problem with the Software of our Customer time management. If your small business in the Austin area has any software issues, I would recommend you to visit the ITC Austin - Infinity Technology Consultants’ website.

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