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I am a small time actor by profession. I have worked with several successful Movie Production Houses, on several blockbuster Hollywood movies. But I always get small and insignificant roles to play. I have worked like this for twenty-five years. I always dreamt of making it big someday. My dream is to play a significant lead in a Hollywood blockbuster movie, with a good script. I kept working sincerely on the opportunities that were offered to me; believing that my situation will change someday. But the significant opportunities never followed. The last year has been particularly difficult for me. I have been depressed and have put on a lot of weight. Recently my agent informed me that a popular Production House is considering me for a potentially significant role. But I was entirely out of shape, and my motivation was also shallow. The downward slope of depression and lethargy is a vicious cycle in life. I knew that I had to kick-start my life back in shape. But I did not know where to start. Everything that I tried to change looked so complicated. Whichever way I turned, there were such significant challenges. My health was a big mess. There was no mental focus and stamina in my life. I knew that I had to work on my Nutrition, Diet, Exercise and Weight Loss to get my body back in share first. I read many books and online resources on these topics. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia and recently came across the blog on the ‘Best Philadelphia Weight Loss Doctor.’ I started by implementing the Weight Loss advice available on the Blog. The benefits of my health and weight loss were apparent within two weeks. I also contacted Dr. Mermelstein & Dr. Kenny mentioned in the Blog. I have, since, taken three consultations from Dr. Mermelstein & Dr. Kenny team for my Nutrition, Diet, Exercise and Weight Loss needs. My health and body shape has improved. I feel more positive and optimistic about life and my acting career. If you are looking for advice on Weight Loss and Health, please visit the Blog on the ‘Best Philadelphia Weight Loss Doctor.’