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Among the many recreational activities, there are in the world; some choose to gamble. Gambling has been projected to earn Billions of dollars in revenue soon. The number of gamblers online is quite dazzling. These numbers seem to rise as the days go by because people spend hours on the internet and there is no day I have ever visited the internet and failed to come across a pop-up ad showing betting sites. One time as I was doing my research online, I happened to bump into one Slot machine site which thrilled me a lot. Gambling is entirely new to me as I do not gamble, but I decided to give it a try among the games that this site offers are Roulette and Baccarat. For the Baccarat game, there is a compilation of cards and coins that you use to play. The game begins after the dealer has placed two cards on each side of the player and the banker. There are several places that the player may bet. That is the in the banker, tie, player or pair designated in front of the seat. Dealers may then open the cards in the chronological order of the player and the banker and receive an extra ticket by the rules that govern this game. When the sum of the player side or the banker is anything near 9, the winner wins the first game, and the game continues. Roulette is a game involving a small ball that gets rotated by the players in a slot machine with a circular shaped disc. The player may bet the chips only while the ball is spinning up to until the dealer calls "no more bets." When the spinning ball stops, the dealer has to declare the winning number and place a win marker on the corresponding number on the layout. The players should not make any new bets until thepayoutre is no more payout.

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