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Kathy Daphne

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I am the founder and owner of a sea-side Resort, in a coastal town, in Indonesia. Our Resort was established in 2015 and was doing good business till recently. But a year back, we experienced a sudden downturn in our business revenues. The changing, global, Hospitality Industry trends and some local competitors were the significant reasons. Our Management decided to strengthen our Core Strengths and to focus on our Target Markets to build a Unique Competitive Advantage. We devised a Marketing Strategy Plan to expand our Target Market in surrounding cities of Indonesia. We were reasonably successful, but still far from reaching our Optimum Market Growth Targets. Market dynamics have also been in a state of flux in Indonesia recently. Some market research reports predict challenging times for the Indonesian Hospitality Industry in the next decade. European and American tourists form a significant part of our Target Customer base. I have the led the Resort Management to set up several Online Facilities like Online Booking, Online Tourism Maps, Online Information Sources about Indonesia, etc. on our Resort Website. We have developed significant Online traffic of tourists visiting our Website and Online Resources. Many tourists have also made Bookings at our Resort after evaluating their options through our Online Resources. Recently we had an American Couple staying at our Resort. They are both Photographers by profession. The couple enjoyed their stay at our Resort and wanted to organize and Online Video Conference to introduce our Resort and Team, to some of their Photographer Colleagues in San Diego. We hired the Services of Infrateq, after visiting their website. The Infrateq Management is very diligent about its Customer's needs. They understood all our requirements for Communications and Telecommunications and helped us with the Installation of the IP PBX System in our Resort. This new Installation has contributed to a significant Revenue increase in our Business. If you have IP PBX Installation needs with your business in Indonesia, please visit the website of Infrateq.