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These seafront apartments for sale in Limassol are aspect of a luxury complex of properties for sale exactly where luxury is diffused in all its glory in Yermasoyia tourist location (Limassol) and you can quickly have access on various facilities and at the same time is suitable to buy luxury beachfront property in Cyprus either for permanent residence or for holiday home to loosen up and appreciate by obtaining luxury vacations. 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms Totally furnished & equipped Beautiful panoramic views Area: Trimithousa Value: 1300 euro per month, integrated pool maintenance and WIFI. In addition to that it is not that various from other lease hold landed properties and is typically priced competitively. My Property Cyprus has a vast choice of rent to obtain properties ranging from bungalows, apartments, villas, town homes and exclusive sea front properties in Cyprus. Both you and the house owner go in with a copy of the rental contract and the deposit will be held with no access to either celebration till the end of the rental all appear to describe it as Kira depozito ortak hesabi”.

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