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Life is full of risks and uncertainties. It is these uncertainties, though, that can provide your foundation on the road to success. During college, as we did an entrepreneurship module, I learned that entrepreneurs need to be risk takers and mercurial people. You may never really reap big rewards if you are not willing to take risks. Being a chief accountant in one of the big firms in town, I decided to use a little help from my fellow accountants. One example is Ben Brown. He has provided great insight from his Facebook Group, The Entrepreneurial Accountants, as well as his blog posts. He talks of how you may be self-employed and still manage to be successful. One of the things that he advises is the ability to focus on one specific niche and be the best in that, as you offer your clients your expertise in that particular niche. Interesting enough, in this small world we live in thanks to technology, there is a large number of business owners who need your help, especially in bookkeeping and tax preparation. All you need to do is market your expertise to get the high paying virtual accounting and taxprep clients. There is a 3-step training which you can take from this blog to sharpen your marketing skill set. The good thing about concentrating on a particular niche is that you can create long-term relationships with your clients because they end up trusting your expertise in that specific area. Analyzing your client base is necessary. This analysis involves the demographic statistics and their needs, as well. After this, you may identify opportunities to add more value and then use your existing skills to create competitive advantage. There are a few community resources that you may find useful from this blog such as the Firm Builder Challenge which is a three and a half hour online course on digital marketing which you can find in the “Units” tab of the Facebook group. Grab this chance to become the best in the accounting business.