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This property is on a huge project of apartments and townhouses with 3 communal swimming pools, club house and its personal Chapel, located at the get started of Tremthousa village & built on the hillside with sea views, Approx 10 mins drive from Paphos. The initially time in the seven-year history of the property industry in Cyprus is a market of secondary housing. In the summer of 2005, Israel withdrew all troops and moved all Jewish citizens out of the Gaza Strip. TVI Express agreed to refund 6000 members in Sikkim back in March 2010 but admit to no wrongdoing, and in July 2011 TVI Express headquarters in India was raided by police and two were arrested for defrauding dozens of individuals. Each and every villa in Cyprus offers you a private swimming pool that everyone will need for the ultimate holiday,wjere you have the independence of carrying out whatever you want to you will get every little thing you expect to obtain in a contemporary villa and you will see that it is also highly decorated.

Detached Villa For Long Term Rent in Peyia