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There have to be sources that demonstrate that White society can not be understood without the need of seeing its symbiotic connection to Black(African) society, sources in which the slaves speak for themselves. I am not placing down home ownership, I am just saying there are perks to renting and it actually can be less expensive if you move pretty normally and it certain locations such as southern California. Cyprus is currently experiencing an remarkable development in its actual estate market place which is equally delivering job opportunities for property managers. Not to know the culture of Africans, and then using the constitution of Africans of South African right now to rail against this culture and so on., is to falsify and produce more confusion to the students and the the whole collective of Africans in South Africa. It would have been cruel to say the least, if the Lord gave the Revelation to John for the encouragement of believers, during a time of excellent tribulation and persecution below the Emperor Nero, containing a message of His imminent glorious return, understanding the event would not transpire for thousands of years.

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