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In times past the simple requirement to teach English as a foreign language was that the candidate is a native or proficient English speaker, no credentials required. The only criteria for being eligible to undertake a TEFL course being that the applicant is a near-native or native English speaker. TEFL: Teaching English as a Foreign Language, as soon as the bastion of groovy backpackers with an objective, is now the stable path for graduates dearly looking for life and travel experience, for those dissatisfied with the political leaders and environment of their home country and wanting to begin again in a brand-new area complimentary from all the rubbish, for retired people wanting to make amends for a working life that was a need rather than an option and for those unhappy with their tasks and desiring a new difficulty in a task that offers back a lot more than a salary. With the circumstance as it stands now, there are not adequate qualified instructors to cater to the around the world demand for English, so, luckily, this is much better news for those wishing to learn English.