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If you are a travel enthusiast, you probably know that the three most important things to prepare for a long trip are buying a ticket, planning a trip and booking accommodation. Especially the time in the current tourist season, the status of "fire room" takes place frequently. If you’re falling into the scene where you’re staying in a city and have to close your eyes to rent rooms at an exorbitant price, you should immediately download the Hostelworld app on your Android now.
Hostelworld is a low-cost and reputable hotel finder that can help you book a room at an affordable price. With this software, you can comfortably travel around the world as well as plan your journey while on the go or make last-minute reservations while on the train.
Hostelworld allows guests to book beds in homestays or private rooms at any hotel or hotel in more than 33,000 venues worldwide. From a Miami beach motel to a hotel in Barcelona or blending into nature in Amsterdam. No matter where you go, you can always find a good stopover thanks to Hostelworld.
Hostelworld for Android brings you the best travel experience
·  33,000 hostels, hotels and B&Bs around the world.

·  More than 3.5 million customer reviews.

·  The app is free to download.

·  Search for hotels, motels are voted as the most reliable.

·  Search by city or date, or use your location to find nearby dorms. View the results on an interactive map or scroll to view the images.

·  Filter results by price or type of facility: Sort search results by rating, name, or price.

·  Access your itinerary: View all previous or future bookings, payment details, and credit card details.

·  Create your own favorite travel list.

·  No booking fees or hidden costs.

·  Book your next accommodation on the go.

·  Get booking details, get reminders and get directions to the hotel right in the app.

·  The new "My Trip" feature gives you detailed information about your upcoming adventures right on your device.
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Keep Your House Clean


Never neglect your home. Clean and decorate it with your family members. Keep Your House Clean is one of the hottest moving games. The game will help users learn how to do housework and become perfectionists!
Turn your dream home into a neat one by cleaning each room: corridor, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Cleaning house is usually done from top to bottom, meaning that the players must dust off the top of the curtain and then to the sides of kitchen or cabinets need to be wiped from the top floor and then down to the bottom. All objects must be cleaned from right to left.
Make the bathroom clean and shiny and create a habit of cleaning up weekly to stop yourself from being a dirty cretin.
Certainly keeping your home clean and tidy requires a lot of time and energy, whether you live in a one bedroom apartment or a four bedroom home. But make yourself a habit of cleaning up. You will certainly feel the atmosphere in the house is clear and fresh if everything is kept clean and tidy.
With Keep Your House Clean, practice tidying up by cleaning up your virtual home, or removing junk and unnecessary items in the trash. First, clean up all functional rooms from the kitchen to the bedroom and finally the aquarium. Clean, vacuum the floor and throw away the garbage! Do not leave dirty objects and repair damaged items.
Features of Keep Your House Clean for Android
·  Experience a unique game.

·  The game is simple, easy to play and free.

·  A game that combines entertainment and education.

·  Practice cleaning the house.

·  Cleans up functional rooms: Clean the fish tank, clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom, clean the bathroom, clean the corridor, arrange furniture, throw garbage in the bin, clean the floor, rub the clean dirt on the wall.

·  Discover the secrets and tips to make your home perfectly clean.
Keep Your House Clean is a great game for girls, kids, and mothers who want to teach kids clean housekeeping, and especially lazy cleaners.
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MyFreeZoo Mobile


Build a dream zoo with MyFreeZoo Mobile. In the game, players will be able to meet the majestic lion, rabbit, the curious mouse and many other cute animals while experiencing the feeling of running a zoo.
Build enclosures and habitats for each species and design ecological zones that fit all animals and take care of them carefully from meals and sleep to entertainment. The happier the animals, the more visitors go to your zoo.
Features of MyFreeZoo Mobile for Android
Discover MyFreeZoo Mobile - a unique world where you'll be attracted by lively animals and a host of cool little games. Decorate the living areas of the species, build functional buildings in the zoo, complete daily tasks and fun hugs, from caring for animals to nurturing rare animals. have endangered. MyFreeZoo Mobile has many interesting features:
·  A wide range of animals from common to rare.

·  Lovely animation and cute cartoon graphics.

·  The game is based on the theme of social entertainment - animal care.

·  Simulates the construction of habitats for mammals.

·  Games are always updated with many small games.

·  Vivid play mode, which allows you to care for and nurture animals in a large environment.

·  Many interesting and interesting stories.

·  Enjoy the fun in the beautiful simulated world as the owner of a zoo.
Adventures in the zoo just started! Become the zoo director today and build your own zoo. Decorate the walkways and animal shelters with unique items in the game, customize snacks, go to the restroom to the cafeteria, store toys and souvenirs for visitors to visit!
Unlike the funny play in Crazy Zoo, you have to prove zoo management skills and animal care as well as make the zoo become a great tourist attraction.
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