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Tristan Shane Butterscotch is actually a forty seven-calendar year-outdated tea maker who enjoys cookery, hockey and donating blood. He's entertaining and helpful, but can even be very standoffish and also a bit cowardly. He's a British Christian. He provides a degree in computing. Bodily, Tristan is in pretty good condition. He's typical-peak with bronze pores and skin, mouse hair and eco-friendly eyes. He grew up in the Center class neighbourhood. He was lifted by his mom, his father getting left when he was younger. He's presently in a marriage with Blue Serena Franklin. Blue is the same age as him and will work as being a screenplay writer. Tristan has just one child with late girlfriend Moira: Jobe aged 21. Tristan's best friend is often a tea maker known as Remy Jenkins. They've got an exceedingly firey friendship. He also hangs about with Morna Simpson and Blaine Coleman. They take pleasure in drone photography alongside one another.

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